Sunday, December 20, 2020

Well, I EXPECTED to Blog a Lot This Month ...

... but so far I haven't.


It's not writer's block. I'm writing well when something strikes me as worth writing about It's ... well ... boredom with what there is to write about.

I tend to write about matters that are in the news, and really the news has become so repetitive and predictable lately that there's not much worth writing about, and what little there is ends up at the Garrison Center because producing three columns a week there is my top writing priority.

I haven't forgotten y'all. I just don't think it would be nice to inflict my boredom on you by writing boring blog posts.

Frankly, what I'm doing this month is mostly 1) futzing with musical instruments and 2) watching TV.

My banjo ukulele arrived the other day. I'm not that impressed with it -- the action is higher than I'd like, etc. -- yet, but I'm still in the "getting strings stretched so it stays in tune" phase, so maybe it will end up being one of my favorite instruments.

On the TV front, we finished the first three seasons of Game of Thrones that I found on Blu-Ray for five bucks at a garage sale, and I'm waiting for the remaining seasons to show up at a good sale price. I bought the first two seasons of American Gods on sale for $5 each or something like that, and am mostly through the first season. And we're doing a family re-watch of the Lord of the Rings films.

Oh, and Tamara's car is being troublesome. Just had to have the heater core replaced and there's still a misfire issue that seems to have to do with the computer in the vehicle. I long for the days when cars weren't controlled by computers and you could adjust the carburetor with a screwdriver, etc. These days, pretty much everything requires a professional mechanic's skills, and I'm not a professional mechanic. But I have a friend who is, and who works for very reasonable rates, especially if I'm willing to be his go-fer while he's doing it. So yesterday was 11 hours of that.

See what I mean? Boring. I'm boring you. So I'll stop that now and be back when I have something interesting to say.

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