Friday, December 25, 2020

Book Recommendation: Bleachers

If you're not a fan of John Grisham or legal thrillers or football, read Bleachers anyway (that's not an affiliate link).

I happen to be a fan of John Grisham and of legal thrillers (his legal thrillers, anyway, even though over the years they've become more formulaic). Not so much a fan of football, although the Chiefs are finally giving me a reason to be so again.

It's just a fantastic little novel.

I resisted reading it for years, then picked it up yesterday at the "little free library" a couple of miles from my house (I've got a program going of dropping off two or three books and picking up one, in the forlorn hope of keeping our book collection from running us out of the house).

It's not Christmas-y in any way, shape, manner, or form -- it's a book about a dying high school football coach and generations of players who aren't really sure whether they love or hate him -- but I thought it made a pretty good Christmas story.

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