Thursday, November 12, 2020

I'm Thinking It's Time to Change Direction vis a vis the Libertarian Party

There was a time in my life when it wasn't unusual for me to put in 20-40 hours a week, year-round, on Libertarian Party stuff.

These days, I just can't carry that kind of work load in addition to the other things I do. So I try to do a little work for candidates, and also the last two convention cycles I've sought and received appointment to the national platform committee as my "party work" commitment.

I think I did good work in my two terms, and I hope you think so too (unfortunately, the 2020 convention, which was a dumpster fire in many other ways as well, decided to adjourn rather than even consider the platform committee's recommendations; but some good stuff got done in 2018).

I do not plan to seek appointment to the 2022 platform committee. At the moment, especially after a phone call with a friend in the Florida party earlier today, my plan is to spend the next election cycle or two getting involved with my state and local party affiliates again and finding out what I can do to help them be successful.

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