Saturday, April 25, 2020

A Brief Platform Committee Update

Hey, everyone ...

I've lost track of what I've kept y'all informed of and what I haven't, BUT:

The big question at the moment is "will we even be having a convention this year, and if so will that convention take up platform committee proposals.

The Libertarian National Committee will meet on May 2nd to discuss options, which I'm given to believe include:

  1. Having the convention as scheduled, Memorial Day weekend, in Austin;
  2. Pushing the convention back to the 4th of July time frame, and possibly moving it (Vegas sounds like the strongest candidate for that option)
  3. Having a "virtual" convention of some kind; or
  4. Not having the convention at all -- the LNC picks a presidential ticket and its members serve until the 2022 convention (unless, as seems likely, some of them choose to resign and the body fills its own vacancies)
My preference is for #1; failing that, I support #4. We can talk about why in the comments if anyone is interested, but the short version is that #2 looks just as likely to get pranged as #1, and that an online convention with 1,046 delegates would be a technical nightmare, especially in the absence of bylaws written specifically to enable one. So my attitude is either "do it as planned if possible; otherwise, don't fuck around, just cancel."

A few days ago, my flight to Austin was canceled by the airline. It had already been bumped once and that bump would have caused me to miss the one physical meeting the platform committee had planned. If we do try to meet in Austin, I'll do my best to find a way there.

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