Thursday, July 25, 2019

Reminder: I'm Heading for Springfield, Missouri on Sunday

(Actually, I'm leaving Gainesville on Saturday -- my flight out of Tampa leaves at 6:xx am so I'm going to catch a few zees at the airport overnight instead of expecting Tamara to drive me down at oh dark thirty).

I'll be arriving in Springfield Sunday morning and flying back out Tuesday morning. Just a quick run up there to visit my mother for her 86th birthday.

Since she goes to bed early, I expect to have Sunday and Monday evenings free (other than the time consumed by whatever mechanics are required to secure cashew chicken and McSalty's pizza) -- if you're in the area and want to get together, for coffee or something, hit the contact form.

Forewarning: I'll be staying at a hotel on South Campbell, and won't have a vehicle, so it's 1) Uber, 2) local bus, 3) I walk, or 4) someone picks me up.

I was planning to sign up for a 3-minute open mic set at the Blue Room on Monday night, but I just don't have three good minutes together at the moment (I took my writing in a different direction -- I'm developing a specific character and he's not hitting on all cylinders yet).

Whether you're in the area or not, if you want me to have transportation, feel free to hit my Amazon Wish List and buy me an Uber gift card. I figure I'll spend at least $50 on transport to and from the airport.

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