Saturday, July 27, 2019

Heading Out ...

... for Tampa shortly. Instead of Tamara getting up at oh dark thirty to drive me two hours to the airport, she'll drive me there this evening and I'll pass the night there before my 6:xx am flight out to Springfield, Missouri.

There may actually be more blogging than usual. Or less. Don't know. I'll be spending the days with my mom and have tentative evening "dates" on Sunday with a favorite cousin and Monday with an old Marine Corps comrade.

How much "free/unoccupied" time I'll have is anyone's guess. But if you're in that area and want to get together, hit the contact form. And if you're willing to subsidize my travels, I've got Uber gift cards on my Amazon wish list.

I expect to be back at my desk Tuesday evening. Have a great weekend.

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