Tuesday, May 21, 2019

What I've Been Watching ...

... and why I haven't been blogging much:

Roderick Long recommended The Expanse in a recent blog post.

Shortly thereafter, I ran into a personal situation that required me to spend considerable time away from my computer* (hence the minimal blogging -- I got home to write columns and edit RRND, but not much time beyond that), in a place where I could use my Amazon Fire TV Stick to stream stuff, so I binged all three seasons.

That happens to have been a fortunate situation in terms of being able and willing to stick through two or three episodes before the show really started making sense. After which, it became a great ride. Thanks for that recommendation, Dr. Long!

The end of the third season is a pretty satisfying series finale -- but Amazon picked up the show when Syfy dropped it, and there's at least one more season coming. I'll be interested to see where they take a story line with lots of options created by the previous finale.

Rumor has it that Amazon's pickup of the show was specifically related to Jeff Bezos himself liking it. You know, the guy who runs another company (Blue Origin) focused on human space travel and who recently talked at length about his personal vision of a future featuring O'Neill cylinders, etc.

* I recently took out my Chromebook to use while away from home and the screen is f**ked. I don't know if it "went bad" in some way, or if someone in the household stomped on it, or what. Gonna have to get a new laptop, probably another Chromebook. Having a new screen put in this one would cost half as much as the machine itself did. I may turn it into a "headless" machine and run it as a desktop or something. It's  a step up from my current desktop Chromebox in terms of specs.

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