Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Some Things I Need (and am Willing to Earn)

I've really got some nerve, don't I? This is only my 10th blog post for the month when it should be (at least) my 29th. Yes, I've got all kinds of excuses.* Yes, I intend to do better. Yes, as I occasionally do, I'm coming to my readers and supporters about some things I need ("want" if you insist, but I consider them reasonably necessary), in the hope that some of you might feel like helping out (either as a contribution or by throwing some work my way).

Two of the three things I'm looking for are on my Amazon Wish List, but if you have something similar lying around, want to use a vendor rather than Amazon, etc., that's fine too. Just hit the contact form and we can figure out how to get it done.

Thing #1: Nakto 26" City Adult Electric Bicycle

How necessary? Well, bicycling is my preferred mode of transportation, but my knees are shot and I can't pedal like I used to (in fact, I used to be able to pedal quite a bit, for a couple of months, after which my knees would be swollen and painful all the time until I stopped cycling).

This or something like this is the difference between going where I want, when I want, and going where I want if my wife or daughter happen to feel like driving me there. I find it preferable to getting a driver's license and paying as much or more for a gas-engine scooter that I'd also have to insure.

If you hit the wish list link, you'll see that I've selected the "women's" version of the Nakto City bike. I don't consider myself a sissy, but I think a step-through makes more sense, especially in town where there are frequent stops. I like the idea of being able to step forward off the seat and put my feet on the ground without crushing my testicles.

I selected the Nakto based on price, reviews, battery size and configuration. I looked at another brand's "mountain bike" priced $15 cheaper including shipping, but:

1) The other bike had an 8-amp-hour battery while the Nakto has a 10-amp-hour battery (both 36 volts, both pushing a 250-watt motor);

2) The other bike was a "men's" model with that testicle-crushing top bar;

3) The other bike had the battery placed on the front diagonal bar, right below said testicles, while the Nakto's battery is mounted behind the upright below the seat post. If a battery explodes, I'd rather have it pointing slightly away from my ass than directly toward my balls when it does so; and

4) The other bike is sold by numerous vendors and reviews indicated poor (in fact, non-existent) customer service from those vendors; the Nakto comes directly from Nakto itself, and I was able to find a fairly thorough YouTube review that made it look like a pretty solid bike.

BUT: If someone has an electric bike that doesn't get used, or a conversion kit that never got used, that could work too.

Thing 2: ASUS Chromebook C523NA-DH02

My last Chromebook shit the bed (bad screen). I need a laptop for when I travel (in fact, that's one of my "light blogging" excuses, see the TL;DR at the bottom of this post), and I prefer a Chromebook. They're cheap, they're reliable, and no matter how many times you tell me (or I think) I should extricate myself from the Google ecosystem, I'm still in it and preferring it.

This Chromebook was the best machine I could find at a reasonable price that met my minimum specifications (at least a 14" screen -- this is a 15.6" screen -- an Intel or AMD processor, at least 4Gb of RAM, and not an Acer -- I've had bad experiences with Acer computers, while ASUS is my my preferred hardware brand).

BUT: If someone has a reasonably modern Chromebook (or another laptop that I could put Chromium on) lying around, that could work too.

Thing 3: Money

I've been saving up for a trip "home" -- Springfield, Missouri, to visit my mom who moved into a nursing home about six months ago. I figure the trip is going to come to $500, give or take. My Trip Home Travel Fund is at about $350.

So ... every little bit helps, and if you have a writing job or something of the sort that you're willing to trade or pay for, I'm up for that. Or if it's a goodness of your heart kind of thing, that works too.

* My 74-year-old neighbor has been through a rough couple of years -- two kinds of cancer and circulation problems requiring two surgeries. This last month included one of those surgeries and an extended period of being near-completely unable to get around. For the last few weeks, I've probably averaged eight hours a day at her house assisting with various things. And without a laptop, I can't plop down and whip out a blog post when there's a break. When I get home, my priorities are the Garrison Center and Rational Review News Digest. That situation is improving now (she's finally able to get up and down and tend to her own household chores without constant assistance), so regular blogging should resume starting today.

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