Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Prognosis: Celine Dion

My Heart Will (Probably) Go On, that is.

The short version of my visit with the cardiologist this morning is "you're fine, quit smoking, take your statin, and come see me again in a year."

Longer version:

When a doctor sees "left branch bundle block" on an ECG, the first thought is "guy may have had a heart attack," but that's not always the case and more testing is called for.

In my case, the additional testing (echo cardiogram and nuclear stress test) says no heart damage, no arterial blockage, no obvious underlying "problem." I may eventually need a pacemaker if the bundle block worsens/changes, but I don't need one now.

He did say there's one more test they can do -- something about a more exact measurement of arterial plaque -- but that he doesn't see any reason for it unless I just feel like blowing some additional money (I don't).

So, heart down, liver to go.

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