Wednesday, October 31, 2018

A Harmonica Question ...

If any of my readers are harmonica players, maybe you'll know:

Why are lower-pitched harmonicas so expensive?

For example, a Hohner Marine Band in the key of C goes for $36.80 at Amazon, a Hohner Special 20 in C for $33.79. But the cheapest Hohner I can find in low C is the Marine Band Thunderbird at $164.00.

I can see why actual bass (and chord) harmonicas are more expensive -- they're giant, big comb, lots of reeds involved, etc. --  but more than $100 for a "mini" bass more than $1,000 for the whole enchilada seems a bit excessive.

Is it that low-key and bass harmonicas are such specialty items that 1) not that many people want them so they're not produced in large quantities, but 2) the people who do want them really want them and are willing to pay through the nose for them?

Or is it something else?

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