Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Thing I Hate Most About Health Issues ...

... may be the amount of time they take up. I had an appointment with a cardiologist this morning. By the time I got home I had calls waiting to schedule three more appointments (two tests the cardiologist ordered, and the follow-up consult for a different test, the test being already scheduled for next week). So, one step forward, two steps back, sort of.

I can't complain a bit about the medical treatment/service at Shands/UF in Gainesville. I've never had to wait past an appointment time, and in fact often when I arrive early they get me in early (I arrived at 8:40 for my 9:30 this morning because that was how transportation issues fell out; they had me in before 9 and out five minutes after my appointment was supposed to start). I've never experienced anything but friendliness and the doctors and nurses, etc. seem to be thorough and professional.

But between preparation, transportation, making sure I arrive a little early, etc., a single appointment is basically four hours out of my day, and it's looking like I can expect two or three appointments a week for the next few weeks, even assuming no surgery or whatever.

Anyway, what came of this visit was 1) a third ECG confirming what the first two said (left branch bundle block), 2) orders for an echocardiogram and a cardiac stress test to check for other issues (I have an abundant family history of angioplasty, stent, bypass, aortic aneurysm, etc. and the doctor wants to check all that out before proceeding on the initial thing), and 3) a dramatic increase in prescribed dosage for an existing medication that some friends tell me I shouldn't be taking at all (atvorstatin).

I guess I shouldn't complain about the time factor while taking time to blog about it, should I?

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