Thursday, June 21, 2018

Yet Another Startup Idea I am Completely Unqualified (and Unfinanced) to Pursue

Brittany Hunter has a cool piece at FEE today on medical tourism.

Here's what I'm thinking:

The cost differential between medical care here in the US and elsewhere in reasonably touristy locales (I've known people who've gone to Mexico and to the Bahamas for procedures to save money, cash on the barrelhead) looks like an opportunity to me.

My impression is that most "insurance companies" here in the US are actually "pre-paid health care" companies (nearly everything is covered, but you pay a lot), not insurance companies (a lower cost hedged bet against an unlikely but catastrophic illness or injury), and that they are linked to particular networks of doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, etc.

But what if an "insurance company" of either type offered a policy that explicitly covered various procedures only if you were willing to let them fly you to e.g. Acapulco and back for those procedures? Based on the price differentials I see bandied about, they could charge lower premiums and take bigger profits even accounting for transportation costs.

Even better, include a travel agency and let any dollars your family spends to accompany you count toward your deductible. You get your kidney transplant, they get a beach vacation but are nearby. Just sayin' ...

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