Sunday, June 24, 2018

Maybe Not a Win-Win, But at Least Not a Lose-Lose

At the Independent Institute, Craig Eyermann says "Growing Public Employee Benefits to Force School Cuts."

Americans expect that when they give public schools more money, this will help to fund the education of their children and to support programs that promote their children’s development, such as athletics or the arts.

What they don’t expect is for the money they give to be siphoned off in ways that will either never show up in a classroom or that will never benefit their children.

But sadly, that’s exactly what is happening at school districts around the country, because of the increasing cost of public employee benefits.

My take on it is somewhat different.

It's bad enough to have to fork over money to these people.

But I'd rather pay them to go away on retirement, family leave, etc. than pay them and turn them loose on innocent kids.

Eyermann's complaint here is roughly equivalent to "if I have to pay protection money to the mafia, couldn't they at least keep a few hoodlums hanging around my store, knocking stuff off the shelves, breaking windows, maybe roughing up a customer now and then?"

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