Friday, May 04, 2018

Sending Crypto is Getting Easier ...

I've made several purchases recently using to let me pay in any crypto I have handy. That way I don't have to, for example, pay a Shapeshift fee to convert Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to Old Wrecked Bitcoin (BTC). I just pay directly using what I have on hand.

That's pretty cool, so I decided to  buy a CoinPayments "Pay By Name" tag (cost: A whopping 1.99 USD) and add that to the ways you can support my work at KN@PPSTER and the Garrison Center. There's a link over in the sidebar (and here's one too).

Instead of futzing around with converting one coin to another, or asking me for a wallet address for WildAssBizarreCoin, just choose what you want to send (from a pretty wide range of options) and I'll get it. Even cooler, if you have your own CoinPayments wallet, there aren't any fees for sending coins from your wallet to mine there.

If you don't have a CoinPayments account, well, here's an affiliate link. If you sign up through it, I earn a commission on your transaction fees. A lot of sites accept payment via CoinPayments, which means that you could actually send me money without sending me money, just by creating an account to do the OTHER stuff you do :)

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