Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Not a Complete Emergency, but a Time-Sensitive Project

So, the Libertarian Party's platform committee is meeting this coming Sunday and Monday in Columbus, Ohio.

And that committee has already provided, in a non-technical sense, for streaming the meeting for those who want to watch it.

In the technical sense, however, I just found out a few hours ago that the meeting venue lacks wi-fi (I suspect that's one reason it was selected by the person who proposed it).

I'm a bit rushed for time (I fly out tomorrow), but if one or more people are willing to put up the money I am willing to go buy a "hot spot" device and some bandwidth for the specific purpose of streaming the meeting. I'm guessing about $100 for the device and a bunch of bandwidth. There's no time to get one shipped because I will be out of here before even one-day shipping would reach me.

Gimme a yell via the contact form if this is something you're interested in backing. If not, I think that we'll manage to cobble something together come what may.

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