Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Regarding Disaster Preparedness, Part 2

Money helps. This morning, I placed an order at Amazon for one-day shipping on a few sundries -- a solar charger for phones, a fresnel lens for heating stuff up, a pack of those "emergency blanket" thingies in case there's a wetness event bringing on a need to conserve body heat. I placed that order using cash I earned from apps I flog here at KN@PPSTER (referral links ahead):

S'More is an app that runs ads on your Android phone's lock screen. Not very intrusive. All it means is that when you go to unlock your phone there's an extra swipe involved. For which you earn 10 cents a day, redeemable in the form of "gift cards" for Amazon and a bunch of other places. IIRC, the redemption minimum is $3.00, or one month of letting the app run. I've successfully redeemed for Amazon cards several times.

Ibotta is a "cash back" app that works at a whole bunch of stores (I usually use it at my local Walmart, Publix, Sam's Club or Dollar General). Look up the kinds of things you're shopping for, choose your rebates, go shopping, then take a picture of your receipt and, in some cases, scan bar codes. Your cash back gets credited to your account and once you're racked up $20 or more you can redeem it as cash (via PayPal or Venmo) or for gift cards (Amazon, etc.).  I've successfully redeemed for Amazon cards twice now.

Neither of these apps is a lot of work, and both generate a little extra money -- money which came in handy when I realized I'd like to have a few things around the house for Irmageddon. Check them out.

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