Friday, September 01, 2017

Meeting of the Minds ...

For various reasons (including work for clients), I'm always keeping an eye on new social media outlets. Lately I've been using Minds. (yes, that's a referral link -- they have reward/affiliate mojo, although I haven't signed up for the financial affiliate part; you can accumulate "points" with which to "boost" your posts, that is, have them displayed on timelines of people you aren't connected to yet).

Minds has been around for a couple of years (in public release, but it had a lengthy development period). It's trending lately (meaning I finally noticed it) as one of the "free speech alternatives" for various types of posters/content becoming less and less welcome at e.g. Facebook and Twitter. That means everything from open racism to porn (or at least porn-ish stuff). Lots of "regular" content as well for those who aren't comfortable with the uglier or racier stuff (I've done a bit of blocking myself).

I like the format at Minds. The timelines are somewhat like Twitter without the 140-character limit. Not a lot of formatting flexibility, but you can post full articles. There are also interest "groups" a la Facebook.

If social media's your thing, it's worth checking out. So far I'm liking it better than most of the "alternatives to the big dogs" that I've seen.

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