Thursday, April 06, 2017

Thanks For Asking! -- 04/06/17

No sponsor this week (hit the contact form and talk to me if you'd like to sponsor this week's AMA thread and podcast episode for $5.99), so I'm just going to keep hammering on one of my favorite things in the world: Dollar Shave Club.

Click the graphic below and the magic of the IntarTubes will open a new tab with an offer for a razor handle and four blades for $1, with free shipping. Then use coupon code RFFMF31746482D7E7D89 in the promo box at checkout for $1 off. I'm not that great with math, but I think that comes out to pretty dang cheap. It stays cheap after that, too. The price, that is. The quality is outstanding.

So, ask me anything (anything!) in the comment thread below this post, and I'll answer in comments, on a coming podcast episode, or both.

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