Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Thanks For Asking! -- 03/21/17

This week's AMA thread and the podcast to follow do not have a sponsor yet, so as usual I'll promote things I love instead (said promotion can be retroactively pre-empted in favor of something YOU love for a mere $5.99 -- hit the contact form to work that out).

This week, one of the things I love is the Freedom Feens talk radio show. For a long time, I really didn't quite ... get ... the Feens. Then after I got some good audio advice from Boss Feen Michael Dean, I took the time to listen intently to a full episode and I've been listening daily ever since. You should too.

OK, so ask me anything (anything!) in the comment thread below this post, and I'll answer in comments, on this weekend's podcast, or both.

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