Sunday, June 26, 2016

For Those Who Think I've Been Too Tough ...

... on Johnson and Weld, check out Jason Stapleton's show from June 23. Money quote from the description:

Above all else what bothers me the most about Gary J and Wild Bill is they are clearly unprepared and lack even a basic understanding of their police [sic] opinions. They have no pride in what they do or what they stand for. It's shameful we have these two man representing our ideas. No one voting in this election is going to know what libertarianism is. Even if Gary was a libertarian (and I contend his is not) he lacks either the desire or ability to explain his positions.

Shame on the LP for nominating these two clowns. Pray we don't get 15%. These men will be made to look like fools on a debate stage.

Now that is tough on Johnson and Weld.

And completely accurate.

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