Monday, August 31, 2015


As of my last check, and by my count, that's the Garrison Center's "mainstream and non-libertarian political media pickups" number so far for August. The 75th pickup this month is of my latest piece, appearing in the Davenport, Iowa Quad-City Times.

The Times started running Garrison Center columns -- all, or nearly all, of them -- a few weeks ago. Based on formatting similarities, I suspect that the Times may have been bought up by the Muscatine, Iowa Journal (a paper founded by Samuel Langhorn Clemens's brother and in which his early material as "Mark Twain" appeared), which also runs most Garrison stuff. We seem to be pretty big in Iowa. We get lots of pickups from the Iowa Free Press, a few from the River Cities' Reader and even, once so far, the Des Moines Register.

Best month yet for the Garrison Center. Next goal: One hundred pickups in a month.

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