Sunday, May 17, 2015

You Have Got To Be Sh*tt*ng Me

If you think that long-haired, dope-smoking, leftie-statist "progressives" have a monopoly on sniveling, whiny political correctness bullshit, check out the image to the right, then hit USA Today to learn the error of your ways.

An example of the reaction:

Somehow I doubt that the US Marine Corps has gone so far downhill, in the 20 years since I collected my honorable discharge, that it is now composed entirely of mewling, humorless little shitbirds who go off their gourds at the merest hint that they might, ever, even for a moment, be considered anything other than objects of abject worship by the little people.

I find "AnthonyWhiteTX's" implicit claim that it is so composed far more "disgusting and a slap in the face" than the t-shirt. Its designer probably never in his wildest dreams thought that anyone could possibly find it offensive, for the simple reason that nobody who's not an idiot could possibly find it offensive.

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