Wednesday, May 27, 2015

An Alternative Sentencing Submission

Preet Bharara (US Attorney for the Southern District of New York) has (via his accomplices, Assistant US Attorneys Serrin Turner and and Timothy T. Howard) submitted a request to Judge Katherine B. Forrest of the US District Court yesterday, asking that Ross Ulbricht be sentenced to more than the "mandatory minimum" 20 years for the "crime" of operating a web site without Preet Bharara's permission.

It seems to me that competition is a good thing and that Forrest should be given multiple sentencing options to consider in this matter. Since I enjoy being helpful:

  • Ulbricht should be released, receive an apology from the court, and be financially compensated for his lost time and other injuries, said compensation to be seized from the personal finances of Bharara, Turner and Howard;
  • As the ringleader of the "US Attorney for the Southern District of New York" gang, Forrest should assess Bharara for a possible death sentence on the basis of the number and severity of his gang's crimes against humanity; erring on the side of mercy, a life sentence without the possibility of parole might be more appropriate;
  • As co-conspirators of Bharara's in this case and others, Forrest should consider minimum sentences of 20 years each for Turner and Howard.
Hope this helps, Judge Forrest. No charge.

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