Wednesday, June 18, 2014

It's Not That Complicated

Asks James Scanlon at Wall Street Cheat Sheet: "Why Did Microsoft Attempt a Paid Blogging Campaign?"

Answer: Because that's the only way Microsoft can get people to write nice things about its products, because its products suck. Duh.

I can almost -- not quite but almost -- understand why someone might not go to the trouble of replacing the complete train wreck that is Windows with a real operating system if all they can find or afford is a Windows OEM machine. Macs are little more expensive than Windows PCs, there's a moderately successful disinformation campaign out there still convincing people that Linux is complicated (it isn't) and maybe not everyone has heard of ChromeOS yet.

But if you put up with Internet Explorer for longer than it takes to download Chrome, Firefox or Opera (among others), there's just flat something wrong with you.

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