Thursday, March 06, 2014

Captain Obvious, Your Office is Calling

I've seen quite a few different takes on the situations in Ukraine/Crimea as the situation develops.

Lots of people seem to be trying to figure out which side is "the good guys."

News flash: There are no "good guys," at least at the level of states, armies, etc.

I'm sure there are some individual "good guys" trying to figure out what the right thing is and do that thing, but to the extent that these affairs are affairs of states, there's no "right side" to be on. It's just a gangland dust-up, no different in principle than the Crips and Bloods arguing over who rules south central LA.

The "Vladimir Putin as Adolf Hitler" thing is kind of tiresome and boring. So is the "Vladimir Putin as the second coming of Christ" thing. And especially annoying is the absurd claim that Barack Obama and John McCain are Putin's moral superiors.

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