Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Little Snort of the Old Solidarity ...

When someone as flush with seizable assets as Steve Newton goes out on a limb for principle, I see no reason not to join in. So:

US military intervention in Yemen, pursuant to orders given by US president Barack Obama and absent a congressional declaration of war, constitutes not just stump-stupid foreign policy but high crime.

This remains true even if we set aside the fact that American citizens have been murdered under color of law in Yemen pursuant to those orders -- and that's a fact we shouldn't set aside.

If the wheels of justice do indeed grind, even coarsely, Obama will one day find himself standing, clad in orange coveralls and manacles, in front of a bureaucrat wearing a black dress, to answer for his crimes, and these things shall be counted among those crimes.

If I come across any way to materially "obstruct" Obama in commission of his crimes which does not otherwise violate the principles by which I strive to live, I'll happily engage in said "obstruction" six days a week and twice on Sunday.

If there's a jackbooted thug responsible for monitoring this kind of thing and toting up prospective Seizures for Sass©, he may now feel free to augment that prospective take by my net worth of approximately $1.43.

Hey, if other bloggers kick in, maybe we can raise enough to buy Obama a steak dinner some day ... prepared by the staff at FCI Terre Haute!

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