Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Et tu, bitly?

It's becoming almost a kind of PTSD with me. As soon as I see the words "welcome to the new [name of product or service]," I break into a cold sweat and start to shake. Those words invariably portend technical horrors of a Lovecraftian variety.

A few months back, I shifted from my long-time favorite link-shortening service, tinyURL, to, mainly for one reason: The extension for Chrome allowed me to right-click on any link and choose "shorten and copy to clipboard" sans fuss, muss or page-hopping.

This morning, I got a nasty surprise when I right-clicked on a link. Instead of "shorten and copy to clipboard," I was greeted by "save link to bitly."

When I hopped over to the site, there it was: "Welcome to the new bitly."

Now instead of speedy, courteous link shortening with no guff, we get "bitmarks." A bookmarking service ... with the link-shortening function still hidden in there somewhere ("need the shortlink to one of your bitmarks? Click its i button") but for my purposes as distant as Mars.


Back to TinyURL, which while not quite as sexy as old bitly, is far, far superior to new bitly at shortening URLs.

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