Thursday, July 07, 2011

Wow, I'm in Counterpunch!

They ran my latest C4SS column today. Teaser:

The dirty little secret of America’s "justice" system is that more than 90% of charges are "settled" [via plea bargain]. The defendant pleads guilty to a lesser charge and/or receives a lighter punishment (and avoids the risks of going to trial), the prosecutor notches up another law'n'order resume bullet point (and avoids the risks of going to trial), and the judge works in an extra round of golf instead of putting on that hot black robe and pretending to pay attention.

If you believe that more than 90% of those accused of crimes are guilty of said crimes, this probably sounds like a pretty good way of doing things to you. And you're probably holding a crack pipe in your hands at this very moment.

Read it @ Counterpunch ...

Or at C4SS ...

Or both.

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