Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Get Around

But I see I haven't been getting around here as often as I should, so I'll point you to some of the other places I'm being lately:

Counterpunch, again. Huzzah!

C4SS, more than usual lately and hopefully even more starting next week -- we're about to have a big David D'Amato-sized hole in our commentary lineup, so I'm trying to get back into regular polemicist mode there to help fill it.

I'm starting to make a bigger personal move into Internet Marketing, (re)-starting with a self-hosted Wordpress blog (since Blogger deleted my "Traffic Exchange Mastery" blog like two months ago and has been promising to review the decision "within 24-48 hours" every 24-48 hours since). Heck, I've even got a short, free PDF ebook out in that area.

Yeah, yeah ... .I'll try to get back to do some real blogging here Real Soon Now.

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