Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Weiner's true offense

Over at The American Conservative, Pat Buchanan writes:

In traditional morality, what Weiner did, engage in immoral and squalid behavior, should result in permanent shame and instant removal from any position of honor.

Adherents of the old morality cannot understand why he is still in Congress. Was not Rep. Chris Lee, also of New York, a Republican, gone in four hours when it was discovered he sent a bare-chested picture of himself to Craigslist?

However, in the new morality of secular humanism, the gay rights movement and the libertarian left, what men or women do in their private lives is their own business.

You say that like it's a bad thing, Pat!

Buchanan goes on to assert that Democratic moves to throw Weiner under the bus are merely window-dressing, a fake show of loyalty to "traditional morality."

I have a different theory. I think that Democrats and Republicans alike are hammering Weiner because ... he's been acting too much like an individualist.

The purpose of government is to screw us all, en masse. It's a wholesaler, and no wholesaler likes its employees moonlighting in discount retail.

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