Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thanks to the Libertarian National Committee ...

... for doing the right thing and dumping the registration fee requirement for delegate floor access and voting rights at this year's Libertarian National Convention.

Without belaboring any "who was right, who was wrong" points, thanks especially to those LNC members who may have been on a fence of conscience, or who supported the fee but felt constrained by direction of the affiliate parties they represent to take it down for the moment. There was a train wreck waiting to happen there and they helped put the brakes on.

I expect that we'll see a bylaws amendment proposal at the convention itself to specifically provide for registration fees / floor fees (or more explicitly forbid them) in the future. While I'm worried about the possible legal problems that the LP might be in for if we adopt a registration fee, that doesn't mean it's a necessarily a bad idea and I hope we can work through the issue more amicably than we were able to when it was -- at least in the opinion of many, myself included -- a matter of bylaws compliance versus bylaws violation.

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