Friday, February 19, 2010

And then sometimes Bob Barr does the Libertarian Party proud

No, I am not a Barrista (as anyone who's read this blog regularly knows). But when he speaks truth to power in front of an audience that isn't interested in hearing that truth, how can one help but applaud?

Either we believe, as lawyers, as lawmakers and as citizens, that there is value in laws, that laws that are passed have meaning and have a purpose, or we don't .... I don't think that we should go down the path of allowing our leaders to have their cake and eat it too. There's nothing magical about military tribunals .... We can try them, we should try them. That is precisely what ou[r] law provides for. And the first time we're faced with a situation we say, 'Oh, we want to have them to go to the military, let them torture them for a while.' It's not advanced interrogation techniques. Waterboarding is torture.

Of course he got booed by an allegedly conservative audience at an allegedly conservative event ... for what may have been the most quintessentially conservative policy statement made at that event.

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