Friday, July 25, 2008


Sorry to be absent so long -- I've been up to a good many things, most of them having little or nothing to do with this blog.

One thing that does have to do with this blog is the new KN@PPSTER site, which includes it.

After a bunch of futzing around with unsuccessful export/import schemes to move it, I started thinking (yes, yes, I know -- better to think before, but there you go again): Why go to all that trouble to achieve nothing better than losing all my incoming links and having to run the damn thing on my own bandwidth when Blogspot is so kind as to furnish said bandwidth? And unlike many, I actually like the Blogger.Com setup, so I'm just porting the blog into a full-screen iframe at the new site.

Right now, is:

- Syndicated political news contenton powered by Voxant on the front page (with brief commentary/analysis appended) and in a couple of auto-refreshing feed pages. I'm still awaiting word on my application to mochila so I can get out of Flash hell and turn the thing into a more useful news portal. Starting next week, I plan to pop three stories a day onto the front page.

- Syndicated cartoons from ComicExchange.

- Da blog.

Some time in the near future, I'll probably power up the forums module. I may also add non-syndicated news content -- real five-point-lede, etc., journalism from myself and possibly selected freelancers. Beyond that ... well, I've got some ideas. I plan to have a nice site together before I start promoting it to "the world at large," but I hope KN@PPSTER readers will check it out and help me get it up to snuff.

On the "day job" front, Rational Review News Digest just launched our mid-year fundraiser. We're down to two a year now, and this one has a gimmick in it for getting down to one. Not bad for a project that employs five people and runs entirely on voluntary contributions. If you haven't checked out "the freedom movement's daily newspaper," you should.

OK, here's the part where I hit "publish" and find out if the cool ScribeFire addon for Firefox works. Later.

[Update: Didn't work so well -- it saved as draft even though I tried to publish without doing so, and when I came over to Blogger to edit it it was full of all kinds of clutter code. Oh, well, it was worth a try - TLK]

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