Saturday, June 28, 2008

Congressional campaign update

Earlier this week we [1] put in the order for the campaign's first batch of postcards. FYI (and I'm not being paid to say this), Pure Postcards has been a joy to work with through the selection / ordering / payment / proofing process, and we expect the final product to be beyond satisfactory. These cards will be mailed out (and used as doorhangers) in late July to help maximize participation in the Missouri LP's August 5th primary.

By the time the cards go out, I hope to also have yard signs in hand. Those will be given out to constituents who want to display them, set up in publicly visible "free placement" areas, and put out in front of polling places on primary day (then gathered back up for re-use). I'm trying to puff up Ye Olde Campaign Funds before ordering the signs, as I don't want to run the bank account dry getting them.

On The Issues

I've been populating the campaign web site's issues area over time. The latest position paper, primarily because the issue seems to be assuming a high profile in the Libertarian Party at this particular moment, is on immigration. Intro / teaser:

"Know-Nothingism" is a perennial trend in American politics. It's a convenient tool for drumming up baseless fears and turning those fears into money and votes. Unfortunately, even a few Libertarian candidates for public office have yielded to the temptation to exploit it.

Unlike my opponent, US Representative Todd Akin, I decline to cater to the politics of fear. I support the most "open border" policy possible. Peaceful individuals should be able to cross the border "through the front door" at any port of entry with no more scrutiny than you or I receive when we board a bus or enter a bank ...

Read the whole thing here.

Other new stuff in June:

- I endorsed articles of impeachment versus President Bush and Vice-President Cheney, as proposed in the US House of Representatives by Congressman Dennis Kucinich [D-OH].

- I posted my veterans' issues position paper, which calls for privatization of veterans' health care, full concurrent receipt of benefits, and an end to the pernicious "Feres Doctrine."

- I posted my position paper on marriage, which calls for equal protection of the law and an end to marriage apartheid.

Coming Up

- A "meet the candidates" event on Saturday, July 19th -- sponsored by the Missouri Libertarian Party and featuring LP vice-presidential nominee Wayne Allyn Root, as well as Missouri's statewide, congressional and state legislative Libertarian candidates. That event runs from 12:30-3:30 pm at the Best Western Airport Plaza Inn and Conference Center, 4530 North Lindbergh Boulevard in Bridgeton, Missouri. Come on out!

- Naturally, I expect to actively campaign over the July 4th holiday weekend. I haven't been invited to march in any parades. My tentative plan is to attend the public fireworks display in St. Charles -- one of the largest and most well-attended in the St. Louis area, where there will be much kissing of hands, shaking of babies and foisting of campaign fliers upon unsuspecting voters.

What You Can Do

- Subscribe to the campaign's low-volume email newsletter.

- Join the campaign's Facebook Group.

- Throw money!

Yours in liberty,
Tom Knapp
Libertarian for US House
Missouri, 2nd District


1. No, that's not the "royal we." I'm just the candidate. The campaign includes myself, an outstanding treasurer (Paula Benski), my significant other and kids (all veteran campaign canvassers, door-knockers, etc.), and numerous supporters and contributors. And speaking of treasurers and such, the "paid for by" disclaimer below is just self-protection from campaign finance bureaucrats. No, I am not charging the campaign for something I wrote and posted to a "free" blog.

Paid for by Thomas L. Knapp for Congress -- Paula Benski, Treasurer. Approved by the candidate.

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