Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Trash Tom Time

This is my 905th post to KN@PPSTER. Of the 905 posts, 904 of them have been open to commenting of any variety except blatant spam (e.g. "Nice blog! Cheap viagra 4 u!").

To the best of my recollection, I have deleted precisely three comments in the four years of this blog's existence, all of them on post 904:

- A comment from an opposing campaign operative making a factual claim I could not and cannot verify or disprove;

- a whine from a former friend with a bad case of megalomania, who now believes that disagreeing with him constitutes "unethical mudslinging;" and

- a question as to what had happened to the previous two comments.

I thought about apologizing for closing comments on post #904, but I have nothing to apologize for -- this is my blog, and I wrote post #904 with a specific purpose to which open commenting ran counter (now that that purpose has been achieved, commenting on it is open again). If you don't like the way I run my blog, go comment elsewhere, or get your own damn blog.

Recognizing that there's a certain population -- of at least one and perhaps more -- out there who feel it necessary to focus their lives and efforts on umbrage-taking, I'm opening comments on this post for that specific purpose. Feel free to whine, call me names, throw yourself on the virtual floor and pound it with your fists, etc. If you make an ass of yourself, I'll feel free to point and laugh. If you say something legally actionable (e.g. "Tom Knapp has sex with sheep"), I won't promise not to legally act (and hey, I thought that sheep was 18!), but I have no plans to delete comments. Have at.

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