Monday, February 11, 2008

An open letter from Steve Kubby

The whole thing is available at Kubby's campaign web site, but here's a key portion to whet your appetite:

As you are probably aware, I endorsed Dr. Paul's GOP presidential campaign, and promised to end my own Libertarian presidential candidacy if that campaign was successful. Many of you disagreed with that decision for various reasons -- reasons which I understand and sympathize with.

Be that as it may, I felt compelled to back the play of the vast majority of my fellow libertarians and Libertarians who, like me, saw in Dr. Paul's campaign a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to advance freedom. While I certainly have my disagreements with Dr. Paul, I saw no point in putting myself forward as willing to split "the freedom vote" in the face of such an opportunity. I do not regret my endorsement of Ron Paul. I congratulate him on a hard-fought campaign which introduced hundreds of thousands of Americans to our ideas, and energized tens of thousands of new activists for liberty. I wish him the best as he returns to Congress and continues to fight for our freedom.

Now that Dr. Paul has himself acknowledged that he will not be the Republican nominee for president, it's time for those Libertarians who supported him to turn our attention 100% back to our own party.

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