Thursday, May 31, 2007

Incredibly Stupid Statement of the Day, 05/31/07

You knew it wouldn't take long for Little Miss Malice to start popping out of the envelope, didn't you? And the winner is ...

Oh, but have no fear. The background checks for the massive illegal alien shamnesty will be so much better at detecting fraud and weeding out the bad guys. Really, just trust Bush/McCain/Kennedy/Chertoff/Graham. Because, you know, they know so much more about "reality" than we do.

Well, Michelle, we've gone into your dissociative disorders before, haven't we?

And what, pray tell, does Malkin have her panties in a wad about this time? This (and, for good measure, let's include this version ... you'll see why in a moment):

A Milwaukee police officer was arrested Wednesday by federal immigration agents on suspicion of being an illegal immigrant who assumed the identity of his dead cousin a decade ago, officials said.

Thing is, there's no evidence in either of the articles that Morales is a "bad guy."

On the contrary -- although the Journal Sentinel article refers to the program that Morales entered the police force through as having produced some bad eggs, it doesn't identify Morales as one of them. Neither does the TV channel's article.

The Journal Sentinel seems to keep pretty close tabs on the misdeeds of various Milwaukee cops. Presumably if Morales had been accused of taking bribes or drug trafficking, raping the citizens he was sworn to serve and protect, or maybe knocking out a driver's window with a nightstick, then chasing him down and shooting him to death, the article would probably have mentioned it.

But the article didn't mention anything like that. Nor, for that matter, had Morales seemingly attracted the Journal Sentinel's attention before at all (at least Google shows nada).

That's not absolute proof that Morales is a "good cop," of course, but Little Shelly has always tended to throw down her mattress in the "give those fine officers the benefit of the doubt" camp ... until now, when she learns of one whose papers might not be in order.

A few questions and answers for our beloved little wet firecracker:

Q: How many thousands (tens of thousands? Hundreds of thousands?) of taxpayer dollars were spent building this case against one of Milwaukee's finest?

A: Too friggin' many.

Q: How many ICE man hours were spent on Jose Morales that could have been spent on someone else -- maybe someone with an Arab name, a questionable visa status and a possible al Qaeda connection?

A: See above.

Q: How much does Morales's apprehension, suspension, and possible deportation (which, btw, lowers the head count of trained Milwaukee police officers, however temporarily, by one) enhance "homeland security?"

A: Not one iota.

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