Wednesday, May 30, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like a daily feature

"Incredibly Stupid Statement of the Day," that is. No promises -- I've been known to run hot and cold on the whole daily blogging bit -- but it seems like a reasonably good idea. After all, there's no dearth of ridiculous material in the general blogosphere, and if I get desperate for stupid statements to feature I can be confident that Little Miss Malice has my back at all times.

So, some guidelines. Yes, tips are wanted and will be credited. But please, read the guidelines before firing'em off.

Guideline the First -- This is Incredibly Stupid Statement of the Day, not Incredibly Stupid Statement From Six Weeks Ago. I'm flexible, but only so much. I don't have a problem going back up to 24 hours or so. Don't send me stuff from 2003, mkay?

Guideline the Second -- Nobody's safe. I expect this feature to "lean right" in terms of targeting, at least at first -- let's face it, the left has just plain been more sensible (or at least less mind-blowingly irrational) than the right over the last few years -- but when lefties (or libertarians!) go all bizarro, they're fair game too. Blogs I like won't be spared, either. Or non-blogosphere sources, although blog statements will be the presumptive sources of choice.

Guideline the Third -- Don't just send the statement, send the link. Duh.

Guideline the Fourth -- Specify the form of your hat tip -- i.e. "Joe Sixpack," "Joe's Blog," "anonymous," whatever -- and whether or not you'd like a link (and if so where to).

Guideline the Fifth -- Send it here.

That's the Half-Moses with a twist on this one, folks. Let's have fun and see what happens.

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