Monday, July 17, 2006

No, your honor, I'm trying to HIDE it

Because they can, folks -- because they can:

Junior Stowers raised his hands and exclaimed, "Thank you, Jesus!" in court last month when he was acquitted by a jury of abusing his son.

But his joy was short-lived when Circuit Judge Patrick Border held him in contempt of court for the "outburst" and threw him in jail.

Here's the whole enchilada.

Like other bureaucrats, judges seem to be increasingly forgetful of the fact that they're the employees, not the owners. Every time some twit with a big chair to sit in and a black robe to wear pipes up with the idiotic assertion that it's "his" courtroom, he deserves a smack upside his (or, of course, her) empty head. Or maybe just a pink slip and assistance in finding the door.

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