Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Bonnie and Clyde were pikers

File under "Reminding the Serfs Just Who's In Charge" --

Shares in UK-listed online gambling companies have sunk after the boss of gaming firm Betonsports was detained in the US on charges of racketeering.

Mr Carruthers, 48, was travelling to Costa Rica when federal authorities arrested him at Dallas airport as he changed planes. ...

US attorney Catherine Hanaway of the Eastern District of Missouri said the indictment was part of a crackdown designed to "punish and seize the profits" of those illegally running gaming sites.

"Illegal commercial gambling across state and international borders is a crime," she said.

Let's talk about the real crimes here: Kidnapping. Extortion. Racketeering.

And maybe: Conspiracy to violate rights (USC Title 18, Chapter 241). Violation of rights under color of law (USC Title 18, Chapter 242).

And no, I'm not talking about David Carruthers. I'm talking about Catherine Hanaway and her (unfortunately) unindicted co-conspirators. Not that they'll likely ever be held responsible for their crimes.

Don't. Ever. Forget:

The state is not on your side. Its laws are for its benefit, not yours.

The state is not here to "protect" you. It's here to shake you -- and anyone you may choose to do business with -- down, and maybe knock you around a little for any perceived uppitiness or defects in the expected bow and scrape routine.

The state is nothing more or less than the biggest, baddest, meanest, most heavily armed street gang on any block in America -- and its power is based entirely on a) making sure you know it, and b) hoping you never let yourself know you know it.

Because if any significant number of Americans confront the reality of what's taking place right before their eyes, the state is royally screwed.

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