Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Introducing freedomSLUT

freedomSLUT, of course, is the new project I mentioned that sounds like porn, but isn't.

What is freedomSLUT? Sites, Links, URLs and Tags -- "social bookmarking," a la, reddit, etc., only specifically for libertarian stuff.

Feel free to post links to your own pro-freedom bloggage, or stuff that you find while surfing. To make it easy, there's a bookmarklet you can drag to your browser toolbar. If you'd like to set up your Blogger blog so that each post has a "post to freedomSLUT" link at the bottom of it, just pop the following code into the post footer section of your template:

to freedomSLUT</a>

What, you wanted porn? No dice. But here's the graphic I'm using in ads for the site. No, I don't know her -- it was made from a stock photo.

And here's the (yawn) press release:

POC Thomas L. Knapp


The libertarian web community's newest networking tool -- a politically specific social bookmarking site -- debuts today at

"Get your mind off of smut -- it's not slut, it's capital ess ell ewe tee" says Thomas L. Knapp, one of two bloggers behind the effort. "For Sites, Links, URLs and Tags." But, he admits, he intends to capitalize on the acronym in advertising and promotion.

Knapp, publisher of libertarian sites Rational Review and Kn@ppster, and Brad Spangler, who blogs at BradSpangler.Com and consults for several movement sites and organizations, developed freedomSLUT on the open source Scuttle platform and plan to promote it to the libertarian community as a resource for "finding or flogging" anti-state, pro-freedom bloggage, news and commentary.

"The net is in continuous transition," says Spangler. "A tool pops up in a discrete community, spreads to the broader web, then gets specialized again. Social bookmarking started out as a tech/geek thing, then went pop, and now we're bringing it back to a specific group whose members will find it extremely useful."

freedomSLUT allows for private and public bookmarking, and offers browser and blog template tools to make sharing links easy and convenient.


Web sites mentioned in this release:

freedomSLUT --
Rational Review --
Kn@ppster --
BradSpangler.Com --

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