Monday, October 04, 2021

Fortuitous! Serendipitous! Movies!

I've been back and forth for months as to whether to join the Regal Unlimited program -- "all you can eat" movies for (with tax) $22.68 per month.

One of the early hangups was "will there be enough movies I want to see for it to be worth it?" That problems looks to be solved now that Hollywood is actually taking big films out of the can.

In fact, I nearly pulled the trigger just the other day when I realized that I'd want to see at least three films in October -- The Many Saints of Newark, No Time to Die, and Dune. That would be $37.50 plus tax in tickets alone, so a clear savings.

If I didn't buy the Unlimited plan, I'd probably only go out to see one of them (Dune -- it's on my "must see on the big screen" list) and end up waiting for the others to reach cheap streaming rental/purchase status (or to be included in one of the services I already pay for).

But then there's the other hangup: It's either "pay in advance for a year" (with a discount), or "commit to a year." What if I move, or the industry dies on the vine again due to some pandemic panic or whatever?

Then, an hour or so ago, I saw that they're running a promotion: "Try it for 90 days!" Not as nice as "month to month, cancel any time," but it works for my needs.

In addition to the three movies I'd like to see in October, I know of at least one in December (the new Matrix) flick that I am not going to miss on the big screen. So I'm up to $50 or so in tickets I'd like like to buy and $25 for tickets I'd buy no matter what, versus $68.04 for the Unlimited plan.

If I find two more movies to see in three months -- and there are several likely ones that I'd otherwise have just waited to stream but would enjoy on the big screen -- the plan will have "paid for itself."

Minimum commitment, maximum benefit. Damn right I snapped that deal up.

If you want the same deal, download the Regal app for your Android phone or iPhone (not referral links), then sign up. I'm not sure how long the deal will last, but it's a good idea to have the Regal app anyway if you watch movies at Regal Cinemas. Even without the Unlimited plan, you can buy your tickets online and wave your phone at the ticket checker instead of dealing with ticket windows or kiosks. And you rack up points that can be redeemed for concessions treats/discounts, free tickets, and swag.

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