Tuesday, August 03, 2021

The Office Recombobulation Proceeds Apace

The new desk arrived today. The Amazon description said it was easily assembled in less than 30 minutes. It only took me 90.

I woke up this morning feeling apprehensive. I must have dreamt about this or something:

  1. My two monitors were a 19" Insignia television (with HDMI inputs) and a broke-ass old garage sale Dell VGA monitor.
  2. The Lenovo tower has HDMI and VGA outputs.
  3. The Raspberry Pi has two micro-HDMI outputs, and comes with two micro- to full-HDMI cables.
  4. I don't have an HDMI to VGA adapter. I've got a DisplayPort to VGA adapter somewhere around here from back in the Chromebox days, but not HDMI to VGA.
  5. Looks like an HDMI to VGA adapter runs $12-20, and would take a day or two to get here (none in stock locally at Best Buy).
  6. I've been planning in the near future to probably hand the Dell off to one of the kids and just get another 19" Insignia TV.
  7. And there was one 19" Insignia remaining in stock, $80, when I hit Best Buy's site this morning. Might as well spend $80 now as spend $20 now and $80 later anyway, so ...

From top down, left to right:

  1. The Ghost of Vermeer of Delft Which Can Be Used As a Table.
  2. Landline sitting on top of phone/cable modem. I have no idea why we still have a land line. But Tamara insists.
  3. The new 19" Insignia television sitting on stacks of books (I have a cheap set of monitor risers on the way, this is temporary).
  4. The old 19" Insignia television sitting on the riser that came with the desk, beneath which is the Raspberry Pi, the television remotes, and a wood cigarette case that I use to store a flash drive and YubiKey.
  5. Oh, yeah, keyboard and mouse.
Thane Eichenauer wanted a picture. So there's a picture.

It's not quite at the end stage (awaiting uninterruptible power supply before I get serious about cable management, thinking about mounting the router on the wall to the right of the desk instead of behind me to the left, etc.), but so far so good. Although I'm sure there will be an ergonomic shakedown involving some shoulder/neck tightness until I get used to the new setup.

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