Thursday, October 03, 2019

Good TV Times ...

My 18-year-old has never been much for parking in front of a screen he doesn't have control over for any period of time. It's not an attention deficit disorder. He's quite capable of focusing intently and for hours at a time on a coding problem or a game. But as for TV, his life-long engagement level has mostly been walking through the room, pausing for a minute or two, coming up with a creative insult regarding the writers/actors/cinematographers, and going back to something else.

Which, overall, doesn't strike me as entirely unhealthy.

But recently he got sucked in to Tamara and I binge-watching House, MD. One, two, or three episodes nearly every night.

We watched the series finale last week, then Tamara traveled and we did some emailing back and forth on what we might offer him next. It's not TV as such, but the idea of him actually spending an hour or two a day hanging with us, that's the goal.

But TV it is: Breaking Bad. After the quality of insults he came up with the first time we watched the series, I was doubtful that it would capture his interest. But we watched the first two episodes last night and he would have watched a third if I hadn't needed to go to bed.


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