Saturday, December 29, 2018

Tip for Lost WordPress Users

With the release of WordPress 5.x, the "post editor" has changed to a new format called "Gutenberg," whic is geared toward creating "media rich pages and posts." That is,

WordPress is moving further from its origins as a blogging system and toward its current usage as a more overall Content Management System.

Gutenberg is the default post editor in new versions of WordPress. Changing to it is automatic when you update your WordPress installation to 5.x (and some hosting services automatically update WordPress installations "for" you after a certain amount of time, whether you ask them to or not and whether you want them to or not).

If your site is set up the way you like, and you don't want to change the way you create content, never fear -- there's a plug-in that lets you revert to the "Classis Editor." I've used it on two of my sites and, after a few days of use, I've found no problems with it

Note: Apparently some users, for some reason, have to go to their "Writing" settings and select "Classic Editor" as "default post editor." I didn't, it was automatic, but if you install the plug-in and nothing seems to change, that's where to look.

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