Friday, November 16, 2018

Some Quick Acosta Predictions

So, a federal judge has ordered Jim Acosta's White House "hard pass" temporarily restored, pending resolution of CNN's frivolous lawsuit claiming that the First and Fifth Amendments require the Trump regime to give unfettered White House access to Very Special Important People Who Are Affiliated with Very Special Important Organizations.

So he gets to go sit in the White House press room again.

Where he will be ignored.

Neither Sarah Huckabee Sanders nor anyone else speaking from the White House press room platform will recognize him when he wants to ask a question.

The interns who hand out the microphone will have strict orders against handing it to Jim Acosta.

At some point, some other journalist will seek to be recognized, and get the mic, and hand it over to Acosta. At which point the mic will be shut off and that other journalist will go on the same shit list.

And then CNN and Acosta will go back to court, harumphing about how Very Special and Important they are and how mean ol' Trump needs to be ordered to stop being mean to them.

I generally don't watch White House press briefings even when they air live. But I'll be microwaving some popcorn for this stuff.

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