Monday, April 09, 2018

A Long Early April

Yes, I was AWOL for the whole first week of April. It was one of those weeks.

On March 31st, Tamara's car took a sh*t and died.

There's actually a silver lining.

The car was a 2001 Subaru Forester that she paid $1500 for. She loved the car. I had been hectoring her to put some money into it if she really liked it and planned to keep it. The seller had cautioned her that it would need wheel bearings in the not too distant future, the CV joint was popping, and new tires would have been a smart buy.

She put those things off, which was fortunate because the transmission suddenly went. It hadn't been slipping or anything. Just boom, "if you put it in gear it makes a horrible noise, if you try to put it back into park it grinds for about a minute before locking in."

Replacing it would be $2100. For a $1500 car. In addition to those aforementioned things. So that was the end of the Subaru.

Which meant a week of getting around being difficult, and of car shopping, which is something I have to leave the house and participate in.

So anyway, she bought a car yesterday. Or, rather, a truck -- a 1999 Toyota 4Runner SUV. A little bigger than the Subaru, but she's comfortable driving it.

That was the big time consumer and the main reason you haven't seen much of me, but there were other things too (for example, spending 24 hours at a friend's house as "watch person" after a medical procedure).

Anyway, I'm back and will try to get with the blogging.

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