Tuesday, July 11, 2017

@amazon @netflix -- It's Dumb to Announce That You Plan to Screw Your Customers

Sky News reports that Amazon and Netflix intend to "choke their own services" tomorrow as part of a public protest campaign in support of the big-government power grab / corporate welfare scheme known as "Net Neutrality."

I'm an Amazon and Netflix customer. I pay each of these companies a monthly subscription fee (Netflix's regular service and Amazon's Prime program) for video streaming (and from Amazon, audio streaming).

And here they are just coming out and publicly saying that tomorrow, they plan to not deliver the product as advertised.

If I have trouble streaming stuff tomorrow, I'm going to expect a pro rata refund for the day.

I'm also going to start looking for a streaming service/device provider that doesn't want to stick little old ladies who check their email twice a day with higher ISP bills in order to avert the possibility that bandwidth hogs and their customers might have to pick up the check for more and fatter pipes to carry HD and 4k video.

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