Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Yep, It's Another HeadTalker Campaign ...

This time to grow Rational Review News Digest's audience. We've been around for more than a quarter century now (first as Libernet, then as Freedom News Daily, and since 2002 as RRND), but it's been some time since we've done a lot of promotion and advertising. My guess is we have a daily audience of about 5,000 across all our editions (web, email, Facebook, Twitter, Diaspora and, but that's just a guess. Whatever the real figure is, I'd like to double it.

We're doing some advertising, and a HeadTalker campaign seems like the next step in getting our name out to our demographic (libertarian consumers of news, commentary and audio/video content who find our one-stop shopping, hand-curated daily offerings useful). I hope you'll lend your social media reach to the effort (Blogger doesn't seem to like their embed code, so here's a direct link to the campaign).

Also, if you're a podcast or radio producer, or just run a site where you think it might fit well, feel free to grab our audio ad in MP3 audio or Youtube video format below and use it -- and thanks in advance!

Side note: I'm also offering HeadTalker campaign management services through the Simbi barter platform. If you've got something to promote, I can help.

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