Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pre-Election AMA

Maybe I'm a narcissist, but I like to think that some people value my opinions or at least find them entertaining.

I've never done an AMA ("Ask Me Anything") before, but right before an election I've pretty extensively handicapped seems like a good time for the first one. Here are the rules:

1) Ask me anything. It doesn't have to be about the upcoming election. It doesn't even have to be about politics.

2) Ask in the comments to this post. I haven't decided on a format for the answers -- I may answer in the comments, or in a stand-alone post, or in some other way. But the Disqus comment form right below this post is the asking venue.

3) Rough deadline: Midnight eastern time tonight. If I don't have any questions by then I'll assume none of you care what I think. Which is fine.

4) I'm kind of fuzzy on whether the AMA format requires me to answer every question. I guess I'll figure that out as I go depending on whether or not I want to answer every question.

Have at.

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